Learning Out Loud: Who’s your teacher? A glimpse in my children’s learning and problem solving workflow, left me excited…

Who's your teacher? A glimpse in my children's learning and problem solving workflow, left me excited to be a learner and teacher today.

I'm sitting next to my son eating lunch, talking about hwo school was today. Then he mentions a conversation with a friend an idea he had and how he needs to learn how to do it. Before I even clear the table I look up and within a minute, without even a question or "Hey Dad, "  he opens up his #chromebook  navigates to #youtube  and begins to project his screen to the family room #chromecast . This seemingly innate process all in an attempt to learn and master the world of #minecraft . Apparently, building good armor, swords, and torches is an important skill for the game. I sit back down next to him, mind blown and super impressed that there it is in full HD, from the family room television, minecraft tutorials broadcasting at the exact moment that he had a question, a curiosity, or a problem to solve. 

As I'm thinking about how amazing this is, it hits me that his sister modeled this exact workflow last night. In front of +Glenn Moses and I, she looked outside the room to find an expert (another child, of course) to teach her how to design and loop the Rainbow Loom in a fishtail pattern for  her rings and bracelets. I was virtually no help and she sensed she needed to expand outside of her teacher circle, so to speak. 

I'm blown away watching them navigate and learn how to:
search youtube to find exactly what they want to learn about
find the icon in the youtube video which would allow them to "cast" 
and their expectation to be able to  pause, rewind, replay.

It seemed obvious to me before, but it smacked me across the face with awesome; this is completely natural and normal for them. Ask a question, find an example or tutorial, broadcast it to a big screen and then navigate in a completely learner directed manner. They have no idea of the possibilities that they are unleashing and how this changes everything I knew as source of knowledge, teacher, and in many ways even community. They own the permissions and rights in reference to pace, sound volume, and even who they choose as their teacher. It's truly amazing. 

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